Tourist walking routes for 2018 FIFA World Cup host cities

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is attracting a lot of visitors. Each of the 11 cities will host several games, so most dedicated fans will travel to multiple cities within a short period. How can they manage to get to know each city and visit must-see locations for so little time?

Planning an interesting route yourself is rather difficult: lists of sights given by official tourist portals are often unstructured, restricted to a particular topic, or too extensive to be covered in just one day, while city tours offered by travel agents include standard 'touristy' sights and do not consider locations popular with citizens.

Data scientists at ITMO University, one of Russia's leading IT universities, have offered a solution. They designed maps of short tourist walking routes for each of the 11 host cities of the championship. Each route includes up to 15 sights and locations that give you the feel of the city and are easy to cover by foot within one day. The routes were generated by means of combining the data about popular tourist sights from TripAdvisor, important cultural or historic objects from Wikipedia, and social media data showing the popularity of certain places with tourists and locals from Foursquare, Instagram, and Facebook. Read more about the project.

Please click on the name of the city below to see the map or download it as a PDF.

We hope you will enjoy your time in our country and make the most of visiting the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia!

Authors of the project: Ksenia Mukhina, Ph.D. student, and Alexander Visheratin, Ph.D., researchers of the eScience Research Institute directed by Alexander Boukhanovsky.